Specializing in NC Conceal Carry Courses and Firearm Safety
The course is designed to teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely while incorporating the legal issues and safety of Concealed Carry training in North Carolina. The class will be taught at the classroom spaces provided by the group, and we will have to drive to a range for qualifying (Roberts Rd, Newport, NC). Classes start at 8 and will run until after 5. Rentals and ammo are available as needed.

I have been teaching or assisting the teaching of this course for three years now. I am a NRA pistol instructor and am certified to teach the NC Conceal Carry Course by the NC Department of Justice. My experience with firearms stems from spending time as a competitive shooter, gun enthusiast, licensed dealer for firearms and a conceal carry permittee. As an instructor, I have 25 years of teaching experience in public schools. I believe this gives me a unique ability to offer one of the best possible conceal carry courses in our area. I understand learning styles and can recognize and adapt to my students to ensure that they are getting the best possible instruction. Safety is my greatest concern, and I will do everything possible to instill that belief into my students.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

After completing the Conceal Carry Course you must apply for your permit at your county of residence Sheriff's office.  Below are links to the online application for local counties.

Wake County Application
Pamlico County Application
Onslow County Application
Jones County Application
Duplin County Application
Carteret County Application
Craven County Application